Brevet Card Automation

CCN Validation

The text entry box under "VALIDATION" opens a drop down box that contains names of members as listed on CCN member list. The list is updated from CCN each time this web page is openned. Typing a single letter is usually all that is needed to find a members name.

VALIDATION (Start typing first name to display pick list)
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Save Rider list to file will collect the names entered and generate a file in comma separated values format. The suggested file name includes the route name and date of the ride. This button is disabled until a ride date, time and route have been selected.

Read rider list from file opens a file dialog and retrieves a csv file saved earlier.


Custom controls in RWGPS routes trigger an entry in the Brevet card when they start with one of the Key Words: Control, CTRL, CTL, Start, END, Finish. Case is ignored. The control distance is calculated from the track and open/close times are calculated from the Start Date and Start time.

The location part of the control box is found by looking for the key word "place" at the end of the cue and taking all of the text after "place". If the key word "place" is not found then the program checks for a string with at least 1 comma such as might be used in writing an address. If no comma is found the word that follows the "control" keyword is taken for location.

Example: Start Sword Inn, 146 Hastings St, Bancroft place Bancroft
the location will be "Bancroft".

Start at Britannia Beach Park, intersection Greenview Ave and Ottawa River bike path, Ottawa
the location will be "Ottawa".

Example:Start at Britannia Beach Park, intersection Greenview Ave and Ottawa River bike path, Ottawa place Britannia Beach
the location will be "Britannia Beach".

Example: CTL Barrie
the location will be "Barrie".

Key words with extra characters are not recognized. For example: Controle, Start:, finish:

Using the guess form does not work well when the name of the control has multiple words. For example "CTL St. George" becomes Control location St.

Buttons on this page

"Print brevet card" at the bottom of the page is initialy disabled because nothing is selected by default. Route, start date, start time are all required before control times can be calculated. If a control is missing it has to be entered from RWGPS, but if the control has an entry but Location is not suitable the text can be edited. With no rider entries Print brevet card" will produce 2 cards with blanks for the rider names.

The route name and the cue locations can be edited as needed.