Big Bay 200 Report

Big Bay 200 Report

Story and photo by Carey Chappelle
September 23, 2006

The Huron Chapter hosted the 2006 Big Bay 200 on Saturday, Sept. 23. Sixteen riders were signed up, with everyone finishing early, and the majority, attending a fantastic meal at the Grovenor's Inn, in Southampton. Many riders were attempting their first ever 200km Brevet. Congratulations to Dr.Chad Burkhardt, Gilbert Vandenheuval, Merry and Ernie Schaerer and Tom Sutton. Via e-mail, telephone and personnel visits the next day, all of the riders responded with how much they loved the ride and claimed they couldn't wait to do it again. 

Start of the ride Bay

The 16 riders basically split into two groups early on with Dick Felton finishing a little earlier than the rest. Congratulations Dick! Being his second year of completing the Brevet series, he simply took shorter breaks and kept his bike rolling. With PBP 2007 in his future, I beleive he'll be more than ready when the time comes. The rest of us, enjoyed great breaks, lunch in Owen Sound and awesome scenery. Two flat tires created some skill training for the lucky ones and two steep climbs tested all the riders legs. I've seen riders walk those hills in the past, but no one this year.

Fall Colours
Which way now?

See You in 2007!!

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