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The Randonneurs Ontario Permanents Program

In 2014, Randonneurs Ontario set up a Permanents Program. Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and BC Randonneurs have well established programs, enabling riders to do club sanctioned rides.

A Permanent ride is an existing Randonneurs Ontario brevet route ridden outside of the normal Brevet schedule. A Permanent ride can start at any Control on the posted route and can be ridden in either direction (as posted or in-reverse) so long as the posted route is followed completely. It is the responsibility of the Permanent Organizer to update their GPS track and cue sheet to reflect any variation in Start Location or Ride Direction.

Any current Randonneurs Ontario member may propose riding a Permanent, sending a request to the Chapter VP for approval at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date. The Chapter VP will then notify the Treasurer.

The Permanent Request must include proposed route, date, start time, start location (control), ride direction (standard or in-reverse) and rider names. Riders must be current Randonneurs Ontario members or Day Riders (one time) with OC insurance. If a Day Rider, they must have already signed up on the Randonneurs Ontario website through CCN. The Chapter VP will verify membership and insurance.

Once approved, there can be no changes to the request, except at the discretion of the Chapter VP and Treasurer, as these rides must be registered with the Ontario Cycling (OC) for insurance purposes.

The Chapter VP will provide brevet control cards for the riders. Standard brevet rules apply for Permanents. Control cards must be completed during the ride PLUS receipts are required at each Control, including start and end. (Changed in 2015; receipts not required).

The rider submitting the request for the Permanent is responsible for submitting the scanned brevet cards and receipts for all riders to the Chapter VP for approval. The Chapter VP or ride organizer will then submit the results to the Treasurer who will post them on this page which appears on the Randonneurs Ontario website.

For awards purposes, Randonneurs Ontario will award a plaque to the person with the most Permanent mileage in the calendar year. That mileage will not count towards club brevet totals.

Note that Permanents do not take the place of brevets for the ACP Super Randonneur award, nor will they count for qualification for PBP. For most other 1200’s on the Randonneurs Mondiaux schedule, Permanents can be used for qualification purposes, but that’s at the discretion of the ride organizer.

Any Questions ? Contact your Chapter VP or the Treasurer.

Upcoming Permanents

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Permanents Results

Current year's results are located at Permanent Ride Results page.

Previous years results are located in Ride Results Archive page.

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