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Huron Chapter link to Huron rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday July 27, 2024 Brouse's Beach Browser 600km (Brevet)
Saturday August 03, 2024 Fort to Fort 400km (Brevet)
Saturday August 10, 2024 Railway City 100km (Populaire)
Saturday August 10, 2024 Railway City 200km (Brevet)

Ottawa Chapter link to Ottawa rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday July 27, 2024 Cornwall Placid 600km (Brevet)
Saturday August 10, 2024 Deliverance 200km (Brevet)
Saturday August 17, 2024 Coureur de Bois 1000km (Brevet)
Saturday August 24, 2024 Dirty Prior 200km (Brevet)

Simcoe-Muskoka Chapter link to Simcoe-Muskoka rides       Weather Forecast

Sunday September 08, 2024 NA 0km (AGM)

Toronto Chapter link to Toronto rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday August 03, 2024 Carden Plain 300km (Brevet)
Saturday August 03, 2024 Huron Shores 600km (Brevet)
Saturday August 17, 2024 TBD 200km (Brevet)
Saturday August 24, 2024 TBD 300km (Brevet)



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