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Huron Chapter link to Huron rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday April 03, 2021 Windsor Season Opener 70km (Populaire)
Saturday April 10, 2021 Railway City 70km (Populaire)
Saturday April 17, 2021 Windsor Metric Century 100km (Populaire)
Saturday April 24, 2021 Railway City 100 100km (Populaire)

Ottawa Chapter link to Ottawa rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday March 27, 2021 Carleton Place 40km (Populaire)
Saturday April 03, 2021 Osgoode 60km (Populaire)
Saturday April 17, 2021 Maple Syrup and Dirt 90km (Populaire)
Saturday April 24, 2021 Maberly 200km (Brevet)

Simcoe-Muskoka Chapter link to Simcoe-Muskoka rides       Weather Forecast

Friday May 21, 2021 Fleche 360 +km (Fleche)
Saturday May 22, 2021 Parry Sound 200km (Brevet)
Sunday May 23, 2021 Parry Sound 300km (Brevet)
Tuesday May 25, 2021 Parry Sound 400km (Brevet)

Toronto Chapter link to Toronto rides       Weather Forecast

Friday January 01, 2021 New Years 23km (Populaire)
Sunday March 14, 2021 Rouge Ramble 60km (Populaire)
Saturday March 20, 2021 Concord Bradford 75km (Populaire)
Saturday March 27, 2021 Oakville Campbellville 80km (Populaire)



Ride registration procedures due to COVID-19

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COVID-19 Update July 21, 2020

We continue dealing with an unprecedented situation due to the spread of COVID-19. As we move to a measured return to permanents, populaires and brevets we will be updating the schedule accordingly.

We are currently offering 200 km brevets with a move to 300 km, 400 km and 600 km brevets in August and September. You must fill out the online waivers and submit them to the organizer at least one week before the event. ACP is allowing flexibility in scheduling so check with your Chapter VP if you want to ride on other than the scheduled date.

Completed rides can be submitted to each ride organizer through photo controls or electronic route tracking.

We still expect members to follow the guidelines of the local health and civil authorities during their rides. That has never changed.

Stay safe,

Martin Cooper, on behalf of the board Randonneurs Ontario

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