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Huron Chapter Schedule

ChapterDateEventDistanceStart TimeStart LocationSunrise/SunsetRouteOrganizer
HuronSaturday May 13, 2017Brevet40005:00Port Elgin05:37 / 20:21Creemore ClassicContact Chapter VP
ClubSaturday May 20, 2017Fleche to Barrie360 +00:00Team start05:30 / 20:28FlecheContact Chapter VP
HuronMonday May 29, 2017Devil Week Brevet20007:00Windsor05:23 / 20:37Tour d'EssexContact Chapter VP
HuronTuesday May 30, 2017Devil Week Brevet30007:00Windsor05:22 / 20:38Erie_OhContact Chapter VP
HuronThursday June 01, 2017Devil Week Brevet40005:00Port Huron, MI05:21 / 20:40Thumbs UpContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday June 03, 2017Devil Week Brevet60005:00Canton, MI05:20 / 20:41Go to HELL!Contact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday June 24, 2017Brevet60005:00Port Elgin05:20 / 20:50March to the MarshContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday August 05, 2017Brevet20007:00Goderich05:57 / 20:20North Huron TributaireContact Chapter VP
ClubThursday August 24, 2017Oshawa Napanee100004:00Oshawa06:19 / 19:50Oshawa NapaneeDavid Thompson
ClubThursday August 24, 2017Granite Anvil120004:00Oshawa06:19 / 19:50Granite_AnvilDavid Thompson
ClubSunday August 27, 2017Napanee Oshawa20007:00Napanee06:23 / 19:44Napanee OshawaDavid Thompson
AGMSaturday September 09, 2017Brevet20007:00Windsor06:38 / 19:20Tour d'EssexContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday September 30, 2017Brevet20007:00Kincardine07:04 / 18:40NeustadtContact Chapter VP

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