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ChapterDateEventDistanceStart TimeStart LocationSunrise/SunsetRouteOrganizer
OttawaSaturday March 23, 2019Populaire4010:00Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton07:03 / 19:15Carleton PlaceContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday March 23, 2019Populaire7510:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan07:03 / 19:15Concord BradfordContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday March 30, 2019Populaire6010:00Osgoode Community Centre, Osgoode06:50 / 19:24OsgoodeContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday March 30, 2019Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, 380 Maidstone Ave W, Essex, ON.,06:50 / 19:24Rondeau RandoContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday March 31, 2019Populaire8009:00Tim Horton's, 111 Cross Ave, Oakville06:48 / 19:25Oakville-CampbellvilleContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 06, 2019Populaire10008:00Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton06:37 / 19:33Maple SyrupContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday April 06, 2019Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin, ON.,06:37 / 19:33Big BayContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday April 07, 2019Populaire11009:00Tim Horton's, 2890 Steeles Ave E, Thornhill06:35 / 19:34Uxbridge Ice ClassicContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 13, 2019Brevet20007:00Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton06:24 / 19:42MaberlyContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday April 13, 2019Brevet30007:002055 Sandwich West Parkway, Windsor06:24 / 19:42Erie OhContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday April 14, 2019Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 111 Cross Ave, Oakville06:22 / 19:43Gentle StartContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday April 20, 2019Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan06:12 / 19:51Hills of HockleyContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 20, 2019Populaire11708:00Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton06:12 / 19:51MississippiContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday April 27, 2019Brevet30007:00Tim Horton's, 35400 Huron Rd /ON-806:01 / 20:00Linda's LoopContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday April 27, 2019Brevet30008:00Tim Horton's, 111 Cross Ave, Oakville06:01 / 20:00Lakes and VinesContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 27, 2019Brevet20007:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville06:01 / 20:00ChenauxContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday May 04, 2019Brevet40005:00McDonald's, 390 Maidstone Ave W, Essex, ON.,05:50 / 20:08Karen's ChallengeContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday May 04, 2019Brevet30006:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:50 / 20:08AnimalathonContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday May 05, 2019Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan05:49 / 20:10Concord OrilliaContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday May 11, 2019Brevet40005:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin, ON.,05:41 / 20:17Creemore ClassicContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday May 11, 2019Brevet40007:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan05:41 / 20:17Georgian TriangleContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday May 11, 2019Brevet30006:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:41 / 20:17VennacharContact Chapter VP
ClubSaturday May 18, 2019Fleche360 +18:00Team start05:33 / 20:25Fleche to Port CreditContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday May 19, 2019Brevet20007:00Rouge Hill GO, 6251 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough05:32 / 20:26Scugog CircleContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday May 25, 2019Brevet40005:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:27 / 20:32AthensContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday May 25, 2019Devil Week Brevet30006:00TBA, Markham05:27 / 20:32TBAContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday May 26, 2019Devil Week Brevet20006:00TBA, Markham05:26 / 20:33TBAContact Chapter VP
TorontoTuesday May 28, 2019Devil Week Brevet40006:00TBA, Markham05:24 / 20:35TBAContact Chapter VP
TorontoThursday May 30, 2019Devil Week Brevet60006:00TBA, Markham05:23 / 20:37TBAContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday June 01, 2019Brevet20008:00Tim Hortons, 4 Fairview Rd, Barrie05:22 / 20:39Big ChuteContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday June 01, 2019Brevet60005:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin, ON.,05:22 / 20:39March to the MarshContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 01, 2019Brevet40005:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:22 / 20:39FoymountContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSunday June 02, 2019Brevet30006:00Tim Hortons, 4 Fairview Rd, Barrie05:21 / 20:40Lake SimcoeContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday June 08, 2019Brevet60005:0005:19 / 20:44Windsor 600Contact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 08, 2019Brevet60005:00Britannia Beach at Greenview Ave, Ottawa05:19 / 20:44KingstonContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday June 08, 2019Brevet40006:00Tim Hortons, 4 Fairview Rd, Barrie05:19 / 20:44Parry SoundContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday June 08, 2019Brevet60006:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan05:19 / 20:44Huron ShoresContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 15, 2019Brevet60005:00Britannia Beach at Greenview Ave, Ottawa05:18 / 20:48Barrys BayContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday June 22, 2019Brevet60006:00Tim Hortons, 4 Fairview Rd, Barrie05:19 / 20:50Tour to Nottawasaga BayContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 22, 2019Populaire16008:00Four Season's Park, Hardwood Lake05:19 / 20:50SiberiaContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday June 22, 2019Brevet30006:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan05:19 / 20:50Hills Villes and ValleysContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 29, 2019Brevet20007:00Almonte Curling Club, 182 Bridge St., Mississippi Mills05:22 / 20:50DeliveranceContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday June 29, 2019Brevet40006:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan05:22 / 20:50Concord CollingwoodContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday July 06, 2019Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, Clarke Rd / Trafalgar St., London, ON.,05:26 / 20:49Much Ado About NothingContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 06, 2019Populaire13308:00Osgoode Community Centre, Osgoode05:26 / 20:49OsgoodeContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday July 07, 2019Brevet30006:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan05:26 / 20:48Pretty River ValleyContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 13, 2019Brevet20007:00Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton05:31 / 20:45South LavantContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 20, 2019Populaire11808:00Kinburn Community Centre, 5670 Carp Road, Kinburn05:38 / 20:40StorylandContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday July 20, 2019Brevet60006:00Tim Horton's, 111 Cross Ave, Oakville05:38 / 20:40Tour of Southwestern OntarioContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday July 20, 2019Brevet20007:0058 Courthouse Squard, Goderich, ON.,05:38 / 20:40North Huron TributaireContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 27, 2019Brevet30006:00Sword Inn, 146 Hastings St. N, Bancroft05:45 / 20:33MatawatchanContact Chapter VP
OttawaSunday July 28, 2019Brevet20006:00Sword Inn, 146 Hastings St. N, Bancroft05:46 / 20:32Elephant LakeContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday August 03, 2019Brevet30006:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin, ON.,05:53 / 20:24Bowle BusterContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday August 03, 2019Brevet100005:00Huron Motor Lodge 24 Water St, South Baymouth05:53 / 20:24ManitoulinContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday August 10, 2019Brevet20007:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville06:01 / 20:15Burnstown CafeContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday August 10, 2019Brevet40006:00Tim Horton's, 9151 Keele St, Vaughan06:01 / 20:15Maple ShakespeareContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday August 18, 2019Brevet20006:00Tim Horton's, 111 Cross Ave, Oakville06:11 / 20:02Tour of the ValleysContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday August 24, 2019Populaire9008:00Cavanagh Community Park, Ashton06:18 / 19:52Maple Syrup and DirtContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday September 07, 2019Populaire10608:00Conc Rd 6C Lanark, Middelville 06:35 / 19:26Into the WilburnessContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday September 08, 2019Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, 6565 Hwy 7, Markham06:36 / 19:24Markham WoodvilleContact Chapter VP
AGMSaturday September 14, 2019Brevet20008:00Tim Hortons, 4 Fairview Rd, Barrie06:43 / 19:13Big ChuteContact Chapter VP
AGMSunday September 15, 2019AGM Meeting20007:00TBD06:44 / 19:11Contact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday September 21, 2019Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, 585 Weber St., N., Waterloo, ON,06:52 / 19:00Waterloo 200Contact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday September 21, 2019Populaire11008:00Bate Island, Champlain Bridge, Ottawa06:52 / 19:00WakefieldContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday September 28, 2019Brevet20007:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville07:00 / 18:46ChenauxContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday October 05, 2019Brevet20007:00Grimsby Information Center, 424 S Service Rd, Grimsby07:09 / 18:33CastleContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday October 05, 2019Brevet20008:00Tim Hortons 400 Highbury Ave S., St. Thomas 07:09 / 18:33St Thomas to ParisContact Chapter VP

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