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ChapterDateEventDistanceStart TimeStart LocationSunrise/SunsetRouteOrganizer
HuronSaturday February 24, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin06:51 / 17:40South BruceContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday March 24, 2018Populaire4009:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton06:59 / 19:18Carleton PlaceContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday March 24, 2018Populaire7510:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan06:59 / 19:18Concord BradfordContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday March 31, 2018Populaire7009:00Windsor06:46 / 19:27TBDContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday March 31, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 814 Durham St., Kincardine06:46 / 19:27NeustadtContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday March 31, 2018Populaire6009:00Osgoode Community Centre, Osgoode06:46 / 19:27OsgoodeContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 07, 2018Populaire9008:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton06:33 / 19:35Maple Syrup and DirtContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday April 08, 2018Populaire11009:00Tim Horton's, Steeles Ave and Don Mills Rd, Toront06:32 / 19:37Uxbridge Ice ClassicContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday April 14, 2018Populaire16008:00Windsor06:21 / 19:44TBDContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 14, 2018Populaire11707:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton06:21 / 19:44MississippiContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday April 14, 2018Populaire13509:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan06:21 / 19:44Concord BelfountainContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday April 21, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin06:09 / 19:53Kemble RockContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 21, 2018Brevet20007:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville06:09 / 19:53ChenauxContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday April 22, 2018Populaire13009:00Tim Horton's, Erin Mills Town Centre, Mississauga06:07 / 19:54Erin Mills ErinContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday April 28, 2018Populaire13008:00Windsor05:58 / 20:02TBDContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday April 28, 2018Populaire11907:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton05:58 / 20:02TatlockContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday April 29, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, Cross Ave, Oakville05:56 / 20:03Gentle Start OakvilleContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday May 05, 2018Brevet30006:00Tim Horton's, 35400 Huron Rd., Goderich05:48 / 20:11Linda's LoopContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday May 05, 2018Brevet20007:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton05:48 / 20:11South LavantContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday May 12, 2018Brevet20008:002nd Cup, Tecumseh Rd E at Manning Rd, Windsor05:39 / 20:19Tour d'EssexContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday May 12, 2018Brevet30006:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:39 / 20:19AnimalathonContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday May 12, 2018Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan05:39 / 20:19Hills of HockleyContact Chapter VP
ClubSaturday May 19, 2018Fleche to Blue Mount36012:00Team start05:31 / 20:27FlecheContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday May 26, 2018Brevet20007:00Tim Hortons, Fairview Rd, Barrie05:25 / 20:34Big ChuteContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday May 26, 2018Brevet40006:00Tim Horton's, 35400 Huron Rd., Goderich05:25 / 20:34Carey's Carefree CruiseContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday May 26, 2018Populaire13307:00Osgoode Community Centre, Osgoode05:25 / 20:34OsgoodeContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSunday May 27, 2018Brevet30006:00Tim Hortons, Fairview Rd, Barrie05:24 / 20:35Lake SimcoeContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday May 27, 2018Brevet20006:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan05:24 / 20:35Concord OrilliaContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 02, 2018Brevet (Devil Week)20007:00Comfort Inn Ottawa West05:21 / 20:40DW ChenauxContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday June 02, 2018Brevet30006:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan05:21 / 20:40Pretty River ValleyContact Chapter VP
OttawaSunday June 03, 2018Brevet (Devil Week)30006:00Comfort Inn Ottawa West05:20 / 20:41DW VennacharContact Chapter VP
OttawaTuesday June 05, 2018Brevet (Devil Week)40005:00Comfort Inn Ottawa West05:20 / 20:43DW AthensContact Chapter VP
OttawaThursday June 07, 2018Brevet (Devil Week)60005:00Comfort Inn Ottawa West05:19 / 20:44DW Barrys BayContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday June 09, 2018Brevet30007:00Sandwich W Pkwy at Heritage Dr, Windsor05:19 / 20:45Erie_OhContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 09, 2018Populaire6708:00Britannia Beach at Greenview Ave, Ottawa05:19 / 20:45AliceContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday June 09, 2018Brevet20006:00Tim Horton's, Hwy 7 near 9th Line, Markham05:19 / 20:45Markham KeswickContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday June 16, 2018Brevet40006:00Tim Hortons, Fairview Rd, Barrie05:18 / 20:49Barrie StratfordContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 16, 2018Populaire10607:002058 Concession Road 6C, Middleville, ON (opp. Tr05:18 / 20:49Into the WilburnessContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday June 23, 2018Brevet60005:00Tim Horton's, 35400 Huron Rd., Goderich05:19 / 20:50Brouse's Beach BrowserContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 23, 2018Brevet60005:00Britannia Beach at Greenview Ave, Ottawa05:19 / 20:50KingstonContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday June 24, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, Cross Ave, Oakville05:20 / 20:50Six Nation OakvilleContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday June 30, 2018Brevet100005:00Hornet's Nest Soccer Field, Bearbrook Rd, Gloucest05:23 / 20:50Coureur de BoisContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday July 07, 2018Brevet40005:00Windsor05:27 / 20:48Karen's ChallengeContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 07, 2018Populaire11007:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:27 / 20:48KemptvilleContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday July 07, 2018Brevet40006:00Tim Horton's, Rutherford Rd at Keele St, Vaughan05:27 / 20:48Concord CollingwoodContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday July 14, 2018Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, Clark Rd., and Trafalger, London05:33 / 20:44Much Ado About NothingContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 14, 2018Brevet20007:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton05:33 / 20:44NewboroContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday July 14, 2018Brevet60006:00Tim Horton's, Hwy 7 near 9th Line, Markham05:33 / 20:44Haliburton HighlandsContact Chapter VP
SimcoeSaturday July 21, 2018Brevet60006:00Alliston or Barrie, subject to route revisions05:40 / 20:38March to the NukeContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 21, 2018Brevet30006:00Parking lot P7, Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway05:40 / 20:38AlexandriaContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday July 28, 2018Brevet20007:0058 Courthouse Square, Goderich05:47 / 20:31North Huron TributaireContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday July 28, 2018Brevet40005:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville05:47 / 20:31FoymountContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday August 04, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin05:55 / 20:22Big BayContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday August 04, 2018Brevet100006:00TBD05:55 / 20:22New 1000Contact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday August 11, 2018Brevet20008:00Windsor06:04 / 20:12Rondeau RandoContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday August 11, 2018Brevet60005:00Tim Horton's, 1233 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall, ON K6J06:04 / 20:12PlacidContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday August 12, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Hortons, 123 Guildwood Pkwy, Scarborough06:05 / 20:10Waterfront EastContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday August 18, 2018Brevet20007:00Almonte Arena, 182 Bridge St., Almonte, ON06:12 / 20:00DeliveranceContact Chapter VP
HuronSaturday August 25, 2018Brevet40005:30Tim Horton's, 618 Gustavus St., Port Elgin06:20 / 19:48Creemore ClassicContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday August 25, 2018Populaire11008:00Four Seasons Park Rd, Genricks Lake06:20 / 19:48WakefieldContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday September 08, 2018Populaire11708:00Cavanagh Community Centre, Ashton06:37 / 19:23MississippiContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday September 08, 2018Brevet20007:00Tim Horton's, Hwy 7 near 9th Line, Markham06:37 / 19:23Markham WoodvilleContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday September 15, 2018Populaire11808:00Community Centre, Carp Rd at Kinburn Side Rd, Kinb06:45 / 19:09StorylandContact Chapter VP
OttawaSaturday September 29, 2018Brevet20007:00Park & Ride, Carp Rd at Westbrook Rd, Stittsville07:03 / 18:43ChenauxContact Chapter VP
HuronSunday September 30, 2018Brevet20008:00Tim Horton's, S Edgeware Rd, St Thomas07:04 / 18:41St Thomas Paris St ThomasContact Chapter VP
TorontoSaturday October 13, 2018Brevet20008:00Gateway Service Centre, Grimsby07:20 / 18:17CastleContact Chapter VP
TorontoSunday November 04, 2018Brevet20008:00Rouge Hill GO Station, Scarborough06:50 / 16:42Scugog Circle Rouge HillContact Chapter VP

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