Ride Organizer's Toolbox

Organizing a Ride

With the advent of online membership registration and waiver + money collection, the process for organizing a ride has changed.

  1. Members must register for Randonneurs Ontario BEFORE a ride. If someone registers "last minute" it is their responsibility to provide proof, i.e. the printed receipt from the website.

  2. Day riders, there is no charge for rider for the first day (entire event for 600k, 1000k) except that they must register as a Day Rider and have OC insurance through Randonneurs Ontario or another OC club.

  3. Day riders, second day, must become RO members BEFORE the ride. As in # 1, if they register last minute, they must bring proof.

  4. Purchase of medals will be handled online. Members can purchase a medal through the online "store" within one week after the ride is complete.

  5. The Treasurer will maintain the list of registered members and provide it periodically to the Directors. A list of member names will be available through the Randonneurs Ontario website, password protected.

  6. Verify that each registered rider has OC insurance for the year. For members, check the member list on the Randonneurs Ontario website; day-riders must bring proof of OC insurance from another club. They are only allowed one ride with Randonneurs Ontario before becoming a member.

  7. Check each rider's bike to make sure that they have the required equipment.

  8. Control Cards should be returned to the appropriate Chapter VP for the brevet. The completed bike inspection form should also be sent to the Chapter VP.

  9. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Chapter VP.

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