Fleche Rules

The Fleche is a 24 hour team event of at least 360K in distance. It is run like a brevet, except that each Fleche team plans its own route.


Each Easter weekend French randonneuring clubs ride in small teams from their respective towns to converge at a designated location in the south of the country. The Fleche ("arrow") refers to arrows aimed at a target. Rules are few but important.

Randonneuring clubs around the world participate in national Fleches on the same weekend. Clubs in the northern climates (e.g., Canada) are granted a one-month extension from the traditional Easter date due to (supposedly) harsher weather.

To register a Fleche Ontario team

1/ Submit to the VP/Brevet Administration a detailed route with controls, a list of team members and not more than 2 alternates, name, e-mail address, and telephone number of the team leader no later than 2 weeks before the designated Fleche wqeekend.

2/ For planning purposes, consider the likelihood of the distance being greater than the proposed route. However, distances 20% greater than that of the proposed route cannot be certified. Similarly, distances 20% less than that of the proposed route will not be recognized.


At the end of the 22nd hour of the ride, the exact time and the location of the team must be noted on each route card and verified by the signature and stamp of a local merchant, official, etc. Lack of the 22nd hour checkpoint verification will result in disqualification. All route cards must indicate the time and location of this verification.


For your Fleche Ontario ride to be registered with Audax Club Parisien and the results counted toward team awards: at least 3 team riders must have ridden the entire distance; at least 25K must have been ridden between the end of the 22nd hour and the end of the 24th hour of the ride. These two checkpoints cannot be the same place, even if the planned distance has already been completed.

If you have any questions about the Fleche Ontario event, please contact the VP/Brevet Administration



The Fleche event is limited to teams of riders. Each team is can have a maximum of 5 members and a minimum of 3 members. (Tandems, mixed or otherwise, count as a single member.)

The purpose of the Fleche Ontario ride is to promote teamwork, camaraderie and synergy of purpose. The goal for each team is to complete their stated objective, enjoy the journey, and celebrate its completion of this early season event.

Distance traveled is calculated on the basis of the shortest route between checkpoints. Maps will be used to determine distances. In the case of forced detours due to road construction, accidents, etc., only the additional mileage verified by a independent third party signature or stamp with time and location at the far point of the detour will be counted. Further, such mileage will be counted only if shown on the maps.

Routes may not use the same road twice in the same direction.

Members of the same team may assist one another; however, teams are expressly forbidden to aid each other.

No following cars are allowed. Teams can meet a support car only at the rest stops.

This is a randonnee, not a race. Each participant is considered to be on a solo ride and is responsible for any accidents caused by or suffered by the same. Riders must be civil at all times, must abide by all applicable traffic laws, and must follow the directions of all law enforcement authorities.

Only human powered vehicles are allowed. All vehicles must be equipped with functional lights. Lights must be firmly affixed to the vehicle and be of sufficient wattage. Riding in a group does not change the lighting requirement. All riders must use their lights.

An affixed lighting system and reflective vests are required for each machine. Light-coloured clothing, reflective ankle- and arm-bannds, and fenders are strongly recommended.

The minimum distance required for the 24 hour period is 360K. Riders may start their rides from 6:00 PM on Friday to 10:00 AM on Saturday of the designated Fleche weekend.

The longest rest stop a Fleche team may take in any one spot is two (2) hours. (Note: This is a new rule, instituted by ACP in 2002.)

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