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Draw Controls on Ride with GPS

There are 4 parts to a control on Ride with GPS: two "control points", the control cue and an exit cue. Ride with GPS throws away custom cues when ever a route is edited. In order to protect custom cues "control points" are used around our custom cues. "Control" points have nothing to do with brevet controls, they are dots placed on the line to protect custom cues. See picture below.

In the NOTES box of the custom cue start with the word Control, case is not important. Follow the word control with the name andor address of the business, a comma "," and then the text you want to appear on the brevet card.

Place the control information in the notes box

The brevet card needs only show the name of the town.

Any number of commas can appear on the line, only the text after the last comma is taken as the town name.

Exit cue

Help tired riders remember where they are going when they leave the control.

A more complex example is where the control is on a corner or is out and back. Have an exit cue that will save the rider a few km of bonus. Here is an example of an out and back where a U-Turn is appropriate.

Print the brevet card

The route name, start date, start time are all required before control times can be calculated. The drop down menus below have the names of all of Randonneurs Ontario brevet routes. Choose the name of the route, then select the start date and start time. If a control is missing it has to be entered from RWGPS, but if the control has an entry but Location is not suitable the text can be edited. With no rider entries Print brevet card" will produce 2 cards with blanks for the rider names.

The route name and the cue locations can be edited as needed.

CCN Validation

To recieve a brevet card, a rider must be a member of Randonneurs Ontario. A family membership or an individual membership admitts a rider to all of the rides in one calendar year. The tool below, "VALIDATION", opens a drop down box that contains names of members registered for the current season. If a name is not on the list, the person is not a member. Membership type is shown to the right of each name. Trial members may ride a single event only.

Rider List

VALIDATION (Start typing first name to display pick list)
Page count
Blank count

Organizing a single ride with a small number of riders may be done the night before the ride. The organizer selects each rider name from the validation list and then prints the cards. For a more complex event such as Devil Week it may be helpful to organize the rider lists in advance. The following tools allowing saving rider lists for multiple rides.

Save Rider list to file will collect the names entered and generate a file in comma separated values format. The suggested file name includes the route name and date of the ride. This button is disabled until a ride date, time and route have been selected.

Read rider list from file opens a file dialog and retrieves a csv file saved earlier.

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