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Manitoulin 1200 August 13, 2020

The Manitoulin 1200k is a low-key, 1200k event for approximately 12 riders. Support will be limited to drop bags to the three designated overnight locations.

It's a beautiful ride with some of the best scenery that Ontario has to offer. It has been run as a 1000k twice before and is now being extended to 1200k

The ride starts in South Baymouth Ontario on Manitoulin Island at the ferry terminus and ends in Tobermory on the mainland, at the other end of the ferry. Riders will need to make their way to South Baymouth on Wednesday before the ride starts, either by driving the long way around or taking the ferry. Most will park their cars in Tobermory and pay the small cost of parking their for the duration of the ride.

The ride fee, once set, will include accommodation in South Baymouth and the three overnight locations which are tentatively planned as Sudbury, Bracebridge and Midland. The ride fee will be set in such a way that the ride breaks even, covering accommodations for the four nights for the riders and support crew, food for the support drivers and mileage for the vehicle. We ran the 1000k version that way in 2019 and there was a small difference between the estimated fee and the final results. Riders should expect to either contribute a small amount if the ride cost runs over budget or get a refund.

Demand for the ride exceeds the available slots. Preference will be given to experienced riders who are not likely to add to support requirements. The ride fee will be paid upon registration and only refunded if the slot is filled by someone else as we expect to pay motels in advance.

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